Two showcases placed along the stairs focus on the numerous collections preserved in the museum and particularly on the historic Herbarium Craveri, which was begun in 1859 by Federico. Currently the botanic collections consist of over 5,000 specimens and, thanks to the painstaking work of collection and study by Franco Rota, honorary curator, they are constantly updated and increased. On  30th  January 2017 the Herbarium of the Craveri Museum was officially included in the Index Herbariorum of the New York Botanical Garden, which is the international index of Herbariums which has been gathering valuable botanical collections since 1935,which are accessible to scientists from all over the world. The botanical collections of the museum have been assigned the acronym “CBRA” (Craveri Bra) an official code which allows to be immediately identifiable on a national and international level. The botanical collections of the museum also include wood collection (woodcases),seed collections  and collections of living succulent plants. The digital archive of the Index Herbariorum can be visited online at the following address: The important index, which also include part of Bra collections, identifies the botanical collections preserved in 165 different countries in the world and enables researchers to access the data pertaining approximately 3,100 herbariums, totalling 390 million botanical specimens collected over the last 400 years.