Activities for families

Among the main aims of the Museum is the involvement of families with children. In this regard, ad hoc initiatives are periodically organized on issues that may interest our young visitors. Among these events we remember the naturalistic excursions, some of which carried out in collaboration with the CAI of Bra, the creative recycling workshops, the themed guided tours, the animated readings and role-playing games in the garden, the activities related to the holidays (Christmas, Mother's Day, Carnival) and events such as the European Week for Waste Reduction, World Earth Day and World Water Day. In order to encourage the involvement of families, a "MuseInsieme" application was created, which can be used during the visit to the Braidese museums, which allows on the one hand to have information on the exhibits on display and on the other to participate in the exhibition halls. to an interactive game, specially designed for children aged 4 to 12 and their parents