Giordani’s Ferrari is one of those cult objects which children adored. Produced since 1957 by the company in Bologna (founded in the last quarter of the nineteenth century) who  produced prams, tricycles and toys for children, this pedal car-toy was inspired by another real "cult" object of the 1950s, the red Ferrari Indianapolis driven by the Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio a legend in the history of Formula 1( he  won the  world championship five times, he raced and established the record of oldest driver winning a World Championship at 46 years of age ). This toy car has a rather essential line of red metal bodywork on which  No. 4 stands out, spoke wheels lined with rubber but unfortunately  the windshield is no longer visible. Giordani - called the "factory of happiness": that of children, of course - produced many other models of cars, first in wood and iron, then in printed sheet metal and then in plastic, which reproduced  miniatures of various  models of real four wheels, of every brand, from Mercedes to Alfa Romeo to Lotus.