Adults and children to discover the games in the Library of Bra

On Saturday 20 November 2021, all citizens of Bra and beyond, aged 4 and up, are invited to the “Giovanni Arpino” Library to rediscover the pleasure of playing.
The appointment, entitled "Let's get involved! Board games for everyone "and organized in collaboration with the associations" The Order of the Rock "of Bra and" Respiro "of Belvedere Langhe, is part of the International Games Week. This is an initiative promoted by libraries all over the world to show the educational potential of games and video games and the aggregative capacity of the library towards all groups of users, from children to the elderly, creating events in which everyone can participate. In Italy it is declined as Italian Games Day and is coordinated by the IGD-gaming working group in the library of the Italian Libraries Association.
On that day, from 10 to 12.30 and from 14 to 18, in the premises of via Guala 45, the associations that collaborate with the library will make various board games available to families and individuals and will involve the participants in a series of epic games . During the same hours it will also be possible to visit the nearby Toy Museum (ticket: 3 euros, 2 for visitors aged between 6 and 14, free for the disabled, children under 6 and over 65). In short, a day dedicated to the beauty of the game in the round.
Entry to the "Let's get involved!" it is free and no reservation is required. However, it will be necessary to have a green pass. For information, you can contact the library by calling 0172-413049 or by writing to the e-mail address: