National Family Day at the Museum

Also this year the museums of Bra adhere to the National Day of Families at the museum. The date to be marked on the calendar is Sunday 9 October 2022. The main theme of this edition of the initiative, "Diverse and equal", is treated through the metaphor of the tree, whether represented, as in art or in play or in its natural environment. The themes of identity and diversity, essential elements for growing up in an inclusive society, are the subject of a series of fun workshops for families with children aged 4 and over.
Thus, at the Museum of Archeology, History and Art of Palazzo Traversa the appointment is from 15 to 17.30 with "The forest: not all trees are the same": starting from the works in the museum that depict the tree in a traditional way we will come to discover how artists over time have created trees that are nothing short of original, which often want to convey special messages to us. Info:, tel. 0172-423880.
At the Natural History Museum "Craveri" instead space for "Naturally different" (10-12.30 and 14.30-17.30). Through simple games and observing the specimens in the museum, you will discover the diversity of the animal and plant world. Because diversity in nature is synonymous with well-being. Info:, tel. 0172-412010.
Finally, the Toy Museum hosts “La Bottega di Mastro Geppetto” from 3 to 5.30 pm. What often amazes the visitor to the Toy Museum is to discover how much the toys of today are “different but the same” to those of yesterday: similar in terms of mechanisms, shapes and playful needs they satisfy, different in style and materials. Inspired by this constant game between similar and different, it will be possible to participate in a carpentry workshop with recycled woods where each family can try their hand at building their own toy. Info:, tel. 349-4565848.
Participation in all activities is free. At the same time, admission to museums is free for everyone from 10-12.30 and 14.30-17.30. Guided tours are also available every 50 minutes at the toy museum.