Also in this 2021 the civic museum of Palazzo Traversa di Bra organizes a course on clay processing at its headquarters in via Serra. There are 10 lessons of two hours each scheduled on Monday afternoon from 17.30 to 19.30 in the period between 27 September and 6 December.

The course is intended for a small group (6 people maximum) to allow teachers to follow each participant individually. The lessons aim to provide the fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge on the handling of clay, from the design of an artifact to its realization, using the main techniques of manual construction: the slab, the colombino and the thumb technique. Furthermore, in the second phase of the course, the basic notions on decorative techniques with engobes will be provided.

The cost of participation is 120 euros and registration includes materials: clay, tools for processing, colored and crystalline engobes. The costs for cooking the artifacts will instead be an extra. Registration by 20 September via an email to traversa@comune.bra.cn.it. To participate in the course it is necessary to have a green pass or to show proof of recovery from Sars-CoV-2 infection not earlier than 6 months, proof of carrying out a rapid molecular or antigenic test with a negative result for the virus (valid for 48 hours), or the medical certificate of exemption from vaccination issued according to the criteria defined by the Ministry of Health.