Sunday 8 October 2023

On Sunday 8 October, on the occasion of the National FAMU Day - Families at the Museum 2023, the museums of Bra will be open for free, offering visitors a day of discoveries, workshops and moments of play.

At Palazzo Traversa, families will be able to participate in an artistic workshop that will make the works on display more enjoyable, transforming them into colorful pop icons. Entrance from via Serra, on the first floor hall. The Craveri Museum organizes the "Aguzza la vista" activity, designed for girls and boys between 3 and 12 years old and their parents. Each workshop lasts one hour and will take place at the following times: 10.30am, 11.30am, 3pm and 4pm. Reservations required on 0172412010 or via email The Toy Museum offers ludo-visits at its headquarters, fun guided tours suitable for the whole family, but the game also continues in Piazza Giolitti, with the Ludobus Festival. Through the photographs kept by the Zizzola Museum, participants will be led to discover city life as it once was, with its ancient habits and customs, and the characters of the past. By downloading the MuseInsieme app, the classic visit can be combined with the engaging quiz game system, to be played individually or in groups, with questions calibrated based on age.

FAMU is the most important cultural event dedicated to girls and boys in Italy which promotes and facilitates meetings between families and the many exhibition venues that enrich our country. FAMU helps educate the little ones, but also teenagers aged 12-16, to enjoy cultural content, making museums and their offerings increasingly "family friendly".

“Open museum” is the theme chosen for this year: an invitation and a clear intent right from the name, aimed at continuing to support the principles of inclusiveness and hospitality. Thus this year's edition aims to present to museums and families a topic of great importance, that of museum accessibility, which is also very dear to the museums of Braida.

The FAMU day in fact represents a significant stage for the Craveri Museum and Palazzo Traversa, as for the first time the "Social Stories" will be available to the public: particular texts, written according to specific criteria, which describe a circumstance in a clear and concise way or a concept. In fact, their aim is to help people with autism to better understand the situations and social events they encounter in their lives and therefore they can be an important aid when visiting the museum. The initiative was born thanks to a training course undertaken by museum operators by the Paideia Foundation.
Among the other tools that can be used, there is also an audio guide.