The Craveri Museum, P.zzo Traversa and the Zizzola have adopted the Social Stories

Social Stories are short illustrated stories that aim to develop the social understanding of people with autism spectrum disorders, helping them to better understand the social situations and events they encounter in their lives, thus supporting their ability to be subjects active in daily routines and activities.
Precisely from this inclusive perspective, to make its museums as accessible as possible to everyone, the Museum System of the City of Bra in collaboration with the Paideia Foundation, has drawn up the Social Stories, a useful tool for those who intend to visit the museums citizens, which provides clear and concise information on the experience they are about to live.

It is possible to download the Social Stories in .pdf format from the educational area of the Craveri, Palazzo Traversa and Zizzola museum websites, or consult and use them in paper form during the visit, requesting a copy from the museum operators