The Civic Museum "Craveri" of Natural History of Bra participates again this year in the "Week of the Planet Earth - Italy to discover the Geosciences", an appointment now in its ninth edition, with the excursion "Geological evolution of the Braidese-Cherasco. A 6 million year long history ”, scheduled for Sunday 10 October 2021.
The excursion, starting at 9 and returning at 15, is organized in collaboration with the "Amici dei Musei" association and curated by the geologist Marco Terenzi: it will be a curious opportunity to go in search of evidence of the past in the area, to reconstruct the its fascinating geological history.
Starting from the Tanaro, in a site not far from Pollenzo and consisting of gypsum dating back to the Messinian (over 5 million years ago) that was deposited due to the partial drying up of the Mediterranean, we will move between the stratifications that have settled in a ancient seabed dating back to the Pliocene (from 5 to 2.5 m million years ago). Finally, the new mineralogical and paleontological section of the “Giorgio Segre” Naturalistic Museum will be visited, which has recently undergone a complete restyling. In summary, the experience will be a sort of journey through time to learn more about the geological eras of the Braid and Cherasco area.
The event is free to attend, with compulsory registration by contacting the Craveri Museum by email ( or by telephone (0172-412010).