Bra anticipates the Night of Museums

The new edition of the "Night of Museums" will be held on 18 May 2024, a European event that aims to make people appreciate the riches of museums with alternative and captivating times and methods. In Bra the event is brought forward to the previous Saturday, May 11th, given the simultaneous holding of the Children's Book Fair which will be held from May 15th to 19th.

On the evening of Saturday 11 May all the structures that are part of the Braidese museum circuit - the Museum of archaeology, history and art of Palazzo Traversa, the Craveri Museum of natural history, the Toy Museum and the multimedia museum of the "Casa dei Braidesi" hosted inside the Zizzola – will be extraordinarily open with free admission from 9pm to midnight. The same opening is also planned for Palazzo Mathis, inside which it is possible to admire the personal exhibition of the Turin artist Mario Giammarinaro “Landscapes” until 26 May. restless."

In particular, the Toy Museum will offer a guided tour at 9pm and 10pm with a workshop dedicated to the games and entertainment of the pre-cinema period: magic lanterns, thaumatropes and phenakistiscopes, or how people played with images before pixels. A guided tour without a workshop will be held at 11pm. To participate, reservations are required by calling 0172-430185 from Monday to Friday or by writing to, on Saturdays and Sundays by calling 349-4565848 or by email to

In addition to the visits, the Palazzo Traversa Museum also offers the experience of a "Reading in the dark" for children (aged 6 and up) and adults: you will experience reading an illustrated tactile book with your own hands. Two appointments are scheduled, at 8.30pm and 10pm. Reservations required by writing an email to Info on 0172-423880.

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Palazzo Traversa: 0172.423880

Craveri Museum: 0172.412010

Toy Museum: 0172.430185