Hours: Wednesday and Thursday mornings 9.00 - 12.00
Cost: €5.00/participant for one morning
Reservation required. Limited seats tel. 0172 423880

June 12-13. Who is hiding among these trees?
Each participant will create their own forest by experimenting with many different textures and tactile surfaces, in which to insert mysterious characters (little books with textured backgrounds and rope trees).

June 19-20. With a simple piece of paper…
We will try to activate attention in a multisensory way towards a very simple material such as paper. Thus we will discover the unexpected qualities of different types of paper: tissue, crepe, cardboard, corrugated cardboard or newspaper, and then choose the one that is best suited to creating small papier-mâché sculptures.

June 26-27. Animals in art
Clearly visible in the foreground or hidden behind some character, animals populate the art of all time. Once we have identified our favorite animal, we will first try to copy it and then transform it into a fantastic animal, like in ancient bestiaries.

July 3-4. By manipulating
A creative laboratory which, through play, will allow you to experiment with new expressive techniques with clay, to give shape to original artefacts.

July 10-11. Coin in box
Starting from the careful observation of the painting The Water Lilies by Claude Monet, the participants will focus on the colors that characterize it, and then try to reproduce them with different materials inside their boxes.

July 17-18. Stamps and textures in book form
We will create a beautiful book without words, inspired by Bruno Munari's "illegible books", creating completely original stamps and textures.

July 24-25. Totem
Do you know what a totem animal is? You will discover it during this workshop through the experimentation of numerous materials and techniques, which will allow us to give shape to a great collective work.