The Craveri Museum of Bra among the protagonists of the Science Weeks

The "Craveri" Museum of Natural History in Bra also participates in the Science Weeks organized by CentroScienza Onlus, scheduled until the end of September throughout the Piedmont area.
From robotics to astronomy, from natural sciences to the environment, to make the review more beautiful and richer every year, over 70 organizations including Institutes, Museums and Associations in the Piedmont area that make their spaces and skills available.
Among these also the Craveri Museum of Bra, which will open its doors to guided tours, workshops and activities: here is the calendar of scheduled activities:

FROM 5 JUNE TO 25 SEPTEMBER - every Sunday, from 10 to 12.30, 14.30 - 17.30
Throughout the summer, every Sunday, from 10 to 12.30, 14.30 - 17.30, family-friendly guided tours to discover the 11 rooms of the Braidese Natural History Museum. The journey starts from the historic room - which houses the model of the ship that Federico led on an exploration of the coasts of Baja California; his binoculars, his sextant, his scientific instruments that accompanied him on trips to Mexico, Canada, Cuba and the United States. After the fossils that tell of a very distant time the collections of animals: large mammals, such as tiger, puma, bear, kangaroo, anteater, and exotic birds, such as ostriches, toucans, parrots, hummingbirds; and then again crocodiles, snakes, scorpions, butterflies… Do not miss the European Birds Room - where, of the approximately 300 specimens exhibited, it is possible to listen to their song, from the eagle owl to the puffin, from the grouse to the pelican.
Cost: 5 euros (excluding residents in Bra and reductions provided); the guided tour is included in the cost of the ticket, booking is recommended.
For information and reservations: - Tel. 0172.412010 -

9 JULY 2022 - from 3pm to 6.30pm
The activity is divided into two parts: in the first, young people will be accompanied on their visit to the museum during which the guide will illustrate the exhibition rooms, proposing, later, a series of riddles, inherent to the information received. Participants must be able to play as a team and with the clues collected they will go to "create" the treasure. The level of difficulty of the questions is appropriate based on age.
Aimed at children and teenagers aged 6 to 12.
Reservation is mandatory. For information, costs and reservations: - Tel. 0172.412010 -

18 SEPTEMBER 2022 - from 2.30pm to 6pm
Immersed in the rooms of the museum, children aged 3 and 6 will be involved in the reading of a fairy tale, which will have as protagonists the animals exhibited in the museum. Listening and amazement, followed by a manual workshop during which the children will create a themed job. The material for the laboratory is provided by the museum.
Reservation is mandatory. For information, costs and reservations: - Tel. 0172.412010 -
The Week of Science calendar is constantly updated, to find out about all the appointments visit the website

Info: City of Bra - Craveri Museum
tel. 0172.412010 -