1950’s tipper made of lithographed sheet metal with a spring-loaded device inside, rechargeable by means of a key - produced by INGAP
INGAP (Industria Nazionale Giocattoli Automatici Padova) was an Italian toy company founded by Tullio Anselmi in 1919 and which was active until 1972. Until the First World War the toy industry was completely non existent in Italy. The lack of raw materials and high import costs, therefore, did not allow the development of this market in Italy, it was  produced in  countries such as France, England and Germany. The Italian industry chose to compete using the strategy of artisanal experience and the originality of creation. The INGAP of Padua distinguished itself in the production of tin toys, these were brightly coloured, with a  design and details and the subjects varied from realistic subjects to fantasy ones (dark colours dominated in the German toys and characters were exclusively realistic)
The INGAP had  20 workers in 1920; in 1938 it  had  600 employees; the production was very rich : cars, motorcycles, trains, airplanes, merry-go-rounds, kitchen facilities, buckets, ...its catalogue then included 400 models and some of these products are exhibited in this museum.