The bronze razor (early Iron Age: 800-750 BC), which was found in the territory of Pollenzo, refers to a typical Villanovan type of Etruria inland and can be connected to contacts with Felsina (current Bologna) and the Etruscan towns in the region of  Emilia. Together with other luxury goods, which can be considered as valuable gifts  for the chiefs of local communities, such as the Villanovan helmet from Asti (late 9th  - first half of 8th  century B.C. ) produced in  workshops in southern Etruria, it represents some  evidence of the trade organization  by the Etruscans along the river routes of the Po and Tanaro with the creation of emporiums, marking a route which pointed directly to the passes of the Maritime Alps through the areas of Asti and Alba towards the mining areas of the French Hautes Alpes.