The weapon collection is the result of several donations dating back to the origins of the museum. Euclide Milano intended to assign a large part to the preparation of the room dedicated to the commemoration of the soldiers who died  in war, as illustrated by Giorgio Boasso in the plan for their arrangement: in the middle  of the room we can see a showcase displaying weapons and war remnants and  a trophy consisting of rifles, sabres, bayonets, clubs, grenades and flags is visible on the wall supported by the coat of arms of the House of Savoy as a shelf.
Among the weapons  we can see: a two-handed sword largely altered and remade, which was donated by a noble family of Cherasco, a stiletto, some swords as an officer (18th and 19th centuries) including one with a blade decorated on both sides with engraved floral motifs and another bearing the republican mottos borrowed from the French revolutionary ideals (“Long life to the Italian Republic”, “ Live  free or die”), two daggers for war and four mallets ferrate from Austrian trenches, bayonets, daggers, one of them Ottoman-Cretan. Two swords with sickle blade (shotel) and a dagger of the Galla population (sotet/gerdet), along with a hippopotamus leather shield, offer a taste of the collection of relics of Italian colonialism in Ethiopia.
The collection of firearms includes specimens with muzzle loading, with flint lighter and with the subsequent  glint percussion, and breechloader  dating back almost  to the 19th century ; in addition to the Italian rifles are present a Swiss  and two French specimens. Aesthetically interesting is a hunting rifle dating back to the end of the18th  century with the plate decorated with an engraved hunting trophy, as well as an Arab rifle with brass equipment. The collection is completed by two hookguns some percussion muzzle-loader guns and a flask of gunpowder.